How have your bed always perfect


Careful bed helps a good rest

The bed is for many a sanctuary of peace, the oasis of rest in a life steeped in stress, children and haste. Get to bed at night is a great reward after a long day of work. The best time of the day.

However, how is your bed? Do you like the magazines? Are you made like a five – star hotel? Do you invite to pounce on her? Perhaps not, because the rush we have prevented it and we just launched the Nordic to leave covered. But beware, not only do well the bed is a matter of decoration, it can also be health.

unmade bed

How to maintain your healthy bed?

First it is very important not to wake the bed nothing . The cover sheets, you turn your bed into the perfect home for dust mites. Are you one of those? Well, according to a study published last September by the University of Kingston,your bed can hold up to millions of these tiny arachnids . The solution is simple, open the window, lets in the sun and air your bedroom.

You will also have to be careful in maintaining your mattress . Do not forget to suck at least once a year with a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. It is advisable to use a protective cover to keep hygienically. And remember flip or rotate your mattress every three months .

Your bed like a five-star hotel

Our bed is already in optimal hygienic conditions and now it’s time to give it the prominence it deserves . The appearance of our bed is also key to the rest. Turn your bed into a symbol of pleasure and comfort giving an image of comfort, neatness and smoothness. How? Record these 5 tricks.

Well-made bed

The white

Choose your white sheets , like those of a hotel. Why? Because convey cleanliness and freshness . A lot of this color will seem little animated, so do not hold back and plays with a contrast between gloss and matt or prints: flowers, drawings or scratches. The touch of color can add with some decorative pillows, also make your bed more appealing.

Cotton or linen

Take care of your sheets material , affect the temperature in your bed. It is also essential to give itthat fluffy appearance. Linen is a very soft material that breathes well, however, we must recognize that cotton is the star fabric in making sheets and duvet covers, as it is comfortable and durable.

If you want something extreme quality, do not be fooled with the number of threads per inch, youhave to assess before the fiber. In this case the Egyptian cotton is the standard of excellence , but there are other good options such as pima cotton and Supima, organic, cotton polyester even bamboo. Furthermore you should be aware of other factors such as the place of manufacture and finishing.


Visualize your bed as a rich cake, made layer by layer and giving each the importance it deserves . Start at the bottom sheet, top covered by embracing the Nordic and then if you want ends with a comforter and pillows.

The technique

You want to know why they are so perfect the hotel beds? Of course they have a technique that even becomes a mandatory class for students of Tourism .

It starts with a side of the bed. Carrying over your mattress with under sheet, then place countertop so falling about 50 cm on both sides. Place first the bottom corners and let the rest hang then collect all the sides under the mattress. Then place the Nordic, the quilt and wrapped in Savannah we had booked at the top. Finally, place and tight ends all adjusting to bed and go. Perfect A bed! King size bed frame

All uncurled

Make sure everything is stiff and fighting wrinkles . To do this, we leave a little trick: spray a little water or fragrance on small wrinkles, stretch well and disappear. It will also be easier to combat if the plates when they are still slightly damp.

In Pikolin we ensure the health of your rest and offer a wide range of mattresses and pillows of high quality, that will be the centerpiece of your bedroom.

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