FIFA 17 Cheats – How to Dominate penalty shootouts


Tired of wandering from the spot in  FIFA 17 ? Well fear not, because EA Sports brings us a series of tips and tricks to master the penalty shoot FIFA 17 , and thus not to fail when your team needs you hit more.

Change your starting position

First, EA Sports recommends focusing on our position on the ball. After fixing our position, simply move the right stick to choose to make a greater or lesser advance run, and slow this progress moving the stick right back.

Both our position as the run we take will determine the shot, because the longest advances allow us to shoot on goal with more power than a shorter release.

FIFA Penalties

Choose your progress with run

Once determined pitch, FIFA 17 offers the possibility of altering our career, can slow it down or speed it up and make a stop, all with the aim to deceive our opponents and overcome it .To start the launch, you just have to hold the left stick, time after which we can begin to change our run.

To make a stop , okay press the L2 / LT button at any time of our progress. This movement is especially useful for dislodging the rival goalkeeper, thus avoiding that can calculate when to jump to block. Astuce FIFA 17

FIFA Penalties

On the other hand, to slow our run, and obtain greater precision and control in the shot, simply hold down the L2 / LT button for our launch.

FIFA Penalties

If, however, you do not care a more controlled shot, and prefer to hit the ball hard, we can accelerate our run holding R2 / RT, which will get a shot more powerful than before. FIFA 17 Cheats

FIFA Penalties

Adjusts the aim of shooting

Finally, and not least important, it is time to define the path of our trip. From EA Sportsrecommend point penalties like a normal door shot it were. As we approach the ball, touches aim the shot by moving the left stick in the direction you want to shoot, not forgetting to press the B / Circle button to add lift and power to our shot. As in other editions, if youpress the button too long shot, or hold the left stick long in one direction, end our shot off the goal. FIFA 17 Hack

FIFA Penalties

FIFA 17 , the latest installment of the football saga of EA Sports , goes on sale on September 29 for PS4 , Xbox One and PC as well as PS3 and Xbox 360, is already available for users of EA Access on Xbox One and it includes many new features such as ‘mode El Camino ‘, which I expose in detail in our very complete analysis of FIFA 17 .

GA 5-11 / GA 5-15 VSD: Oil-injected rotary screw compressors from 5.5 to 11 kW / 7.5-15 hp

GA 11 FF FM.tif

Atlas Copco compressors and compressed air technology GmbH

The oil-injected rotary screw compressors from Atlas Copco are market leaders thanks to their impressive performance values and versatility. They stand for maximum productivity and minimal total cost of ownership. GA compressors are available in two series: GA 5-11 and GA 5-15 VSD. The former is one of the best solutions for workshops and brings even under the toughest conditions, the desired performance. The GA 5-15 VSD range again is the ideal solution for production work with fluctuating air demand and ensures the optimization of your energy needs. Both series provide you with the required high quality compressed air ready so you can keep your air network clean and your production ready and efficient.

customer benefits

  • High reliability : The GA series is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 1217th The compressors of this series are durable and low interference with minimal operating costs. They contain the latest generation of innovative oil-injected screw element from Atlas Copco.
  • Reduced energy costs : Our GA compressors can reduce your energy costs and the costs incurred throughout the life cycle of the compressor costs thanks to the uses of our highly efficient element. In addition, the variable speed control ensures (VSD) of GA compressors for further savings in energy costs by an average of 35 percent by the air supply is automatically adjusted air demand over a wide operating range.
  • Compressed air system integration : The Workplace pneumatic system of GA compressors can be installed wherever you need compressed air. The low-noise operation and integrated air treatment equipment make the need for a separate compressor room of the past. All GA compressors are tested for readiness and delivered accordingly. The integrated options not only reduce installation costs, but also prevent pressure drops, thus saving additional energy cost.
  • Advanced control and monitoring : The Elektronikon® ensures maximum efficiency and reliability. It controls the main drive motor and regulates the system pressure within a predetermined pressure and narrow bands. This control can be adjusted accordingly to your needs with extra sensors, digital contacts, fieldbus, Internet capability and SMS function. Together with the ES-control for multiple compressors operating your complete compressor system is optimized.
  • Integrated air treatment : All GA compressors can be installed with integrated dryers, filters and oil-water separators and thus protect your compressed air network. The resulting high quality compressed air prolongs the life of your equipment, increases efficiency and ensures the quality of your end product safely. Best air compressor guide

Clash Royale: 7 Tips for Beginners


With Clash Royale fight your enemies in real time. Players must defend as well as attack, everything revolves around the right strategy. The larger and more troops you use, the longer you should wait until you Elixir recharged again for the deployment of more troops. In the beginning you will have to get used to but with these tips, you are well on your way to becoming a master Clash Royale.

Gold Spend Wisely

Gold is the main currency in Clash Royale. It is to earn by winning battles, or the everyday cases which players get every four hours free. The more battles you win, the more cases you can unlock. Some take three hours to unlock, some observe, and even 12 hours. Those 12 hours I usually starts when I go to bed.

Score hero Money hack

With Clash Royale we upgraded troops by getting more cards of the same kind. And although it is important to update them as you progress through the game, it is not convenient to update everything at once but if it can. You want a good variety of cards, but some troops are in the first few levels not worth upgrading. For me, the Bombers. They are very weak and you can use the gold later much better!

Have variety in your deck

The most important thing for beginners is to set up your battle deck. There are three different decks you can put together and so on hand. Each unit has a number of Elixir costs. It is important that you not only 2-3 units have in your deck. But not too many 5’s so almost no card to play.

It is wise to build your deck as a mixture of different cards. So you have to deck you’ll see many sides can. My deck is composed of: Giants, skeletons (as a distraction when the Giant is attacking) and splash damage units such as Baby Dragon of the Valkyrie Chick. The Dragon and Falcon do splash damage so familiar with each blow some units and buildings are close together. This is important: My Valkries intercept incoming units as Giants while my other troops attacking the towers of the opponent!

A good variety of high and low level units is very important. Just like the mixing of soil and fly units. Uses the opponent above ground units? Throw one dragon between when you pick up a tower on the other side.

Use Skeleton Attacks

There are different types Skeleton troops and all, except the Giant Skeleton, super weak. Especially against attacks arrow Despite the fact that the super Skeletons are a good way to suffer down the opponent. Drop behind the skeletons a tank unit and you do in no time super much damage.


Skeletons are both good for the attack and for defense. You can tear down a giant easily and effectively with the skeletons or Prince stop at full speed! Be careful with Valks or Dragon, which Skeletons can easily uitschakelijken their splash attack. When the opponent to use me skeletons I have always Arrow attack ready to counter them.

Test New Decks in Training Battles

This may seem useless because the AI Clash Royale is not fantastic but it is certainly useful to test your deck first in a training fight. This is so because even though it does not matter if you lose a fight you will lose trophies if you do not know how to win a game. This means less chance again to a higher league or area which in turn means you get less good cases. That is of course no!

Never fall first on!

In the beginning I was always the one who attacked first. As a result, my troops pounded hard boulder were the teeth against each other. Always wait until your entire Elixir bar is full before you start attacking.then wait until the opponent makes the first move and try to counter those facts.

Of course, this does not always work but thanks to a good defense you win generally more matches! Wait patiently, counter the opponent and then come up with a strong countermove. It also ensures that you can save important questions such as the Fireball later. That I surprise my opponent always seems lost at the end, everything on my side and BOOM! Day towers of the opponent. Clash Royale Hack

Try not to attack too hastily

For reasons I have already mentioned, I have learned above to start quietly. I begin with two lights units to see what my opponent will do. Then I usually put a Giant, followed by a Dragon of Skeletons that my opponent will thus be concerned. Either that or my second attack become a strong counterattack. Once you know which units to deploy the best it is possible to “rushing” at that time I would play it nice and safe.


Many use Proverbs

In the beginning you will not have many spells but you should nevertheless have some in your arsenal within a week. As the Freeze spell. Freeze spell ensures that you can freeze towers or enemies. A real lifesaver!

Purple Rage spell voot provides improved speed and aanvalskacht making your troops suddenly make unwise much damage! For example, play a Giant or Giant Skeleton, wait a few seconds and then play the game Rage. Day according to the opponent!

How have your bed always perfect


Careful bed helps a good rest

The bed is for many a sanctuary of peace, the oasis of rest in a life steeped in stress, children and haste. Get to bed at night is a great reward after a long day of work. The best time of the day.

However, how is your bed? Do you like the magazines? Are you made like a five – star hotel? Do you invite to pounce on her? Perhaps not, because the rush we have prevented it and we just launched the Nordic to leave covered. But beware, not only do well the bed is a matter of decoration, it can also be health.

unmade bed

How to maintain your healthy bed?

First it is very important not to wake the bed nothing . The cover sheets, you turn your bed into the perfect home for dust mites. Are you one of those? Well, according to a study published last September by the University of Kingston,your bed can hold up to millions of these tiny arachnids . The solution is simple, open the window, lets in the sun and air your bedroom.

You will also have to be careful in maintaining your mattress . Do not forget to suck at least once a year with a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. It is advisable to use a protective cover to keep hygienically. And remember flip or rotate your mattress every three months .

Your bed like a five-star hotel

Our bed is already in optimal hygienic conditions and now it’s time to give it the prominence it deserves . The appearance of our bed is also key to the rest. Turn your bed into a symbol of pleasure and comfort giving an image of comfort, neatness and smoothness. How? Record these 5 tricks.

Well-made bed

The white

Choose your white sheets , like those of a hotel. Why? Because convey cleanliness and freshness . A lot of this color will seem little animated, so do not hold back and plays with a contrast between gloss and matt or prints: flowers, drawings or scratches. The touch of color can add with some decorative pillows, also make your bed more appealing.

Cotton or linen

Take care of your sheets material , affect the temperature in your bed. It is also essential to give itthat fluffy appearance. Linen is a very soft material that breathes well, however, we must recognize that cotton is the star fabric in making sheets and duvet covers, as it is comfortable and durable.

If you want something extreme quality, do not be fooled with the number of threads per inch, youhave to assess before the fiber. In this case the Egyptian cotton is the standard of excellence , but there are other good options such as pima cotton and Supima, organic, cotton polyester even bamboo. Furthermore you should be aware of other factors such as the place of manufacture and finishing.


Visualize your bed as a rich cake, made layer by layer and giving each the importance it deserves . Start at the bottom sheet, top covered by embracing the Nordic and then if you want ends with a comforter and pillows.

The technique

You want to know why they are so perfect the hotel beds? Of course they have a technique that even becomes a mandatory class for students of Tourism .

It starts with a side of the bed. Carrying over your mattress with under sheet, then place countertop so falling about 50 cm on both sides. Place first the bottom corners and let the rest hang then collect all the sides under the mattress. Then place the Nordic, the quilt and wrapped in Savannah we had booked at the top. Finally, place and tight ends all adjusting to bed and go. Perfect A bed! King size bed frame

All uncurled

Make sure everything is stiff and fighting wrinkles . To do this, we leave a little trick: spray a little water or fragrance on small wrinkles, stretch well and disappear. It will also be easier to combat if the plates when they are still slightly damp.

In Pikolin we ensure the health of your rest and offer a wide range of mattresses and pillows of high quality, that will be the centerpiece of your bedroom.

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